PREA Standards

     115.5 General definitions
     115.6 Definitions related to sexual abuse

Prevention Planning
     115.311 Zero tolerance of sexual abuse and sexual harassment; PREA coordinator
     115.312 Contracting with other entities for the confinement of residents
     115.313 Supervision and monitoring
     115.314 Reserved
     115.315 Limits to cross-gender viewing and searches
     115.316 Residents with disabilities and residents who are limited English proficient
     115.317 Hiring and promotion decisions
     115.318 Upgrades to facilities and technologies

Responsive Planning
     115.321 Evidence protocol and forensic medical examinations
     115.322 Policies to ensure referrals of allegations for investigations

Training and Education
     115.331 Employee training
     115.332 Volunteer and contractor training
     115.333 Resident education
     115.334 Specialized training: Investigations
     115.335 Specialized training: Medical and mental health care

Screening for Risk of Sexual Victimization and Abusiveness
     115.341 Obtaining information from residents
     115.342 Placement of residents in housing, bed, program, education, and work assignments
     115.343 Reserved

     115.351 Resident reporting
     115.352 Exhaustion of administrative remedies
     115.353 Resident access to outside support services and legal representation
     115.354 Third-party reporting

Official Response Following a Resident Report
     115.361 Staff and agency reporting duties
     115.362 Agency protection duties
     115.363 Reporting to other confinement facilities
     115.364 Staff first responder duties
     115.365 Coordinated response
     115.366 Preservation of ability to protect residents from contact with abusers
     115.367 Agency protection against retaliation
     115.368 Post-allegation protective custody

     115.371 Criminal and administrative agency investigations
     115.372 Evidentiary standard for administrative investigations
     115.373 Reporting to residents

     115.376 Disciplinary sanctions for staff
     115.377 Corrective action for contractors and volunteers
     115.378 Interventions and disciplinary sanctions for residents

Medical and Mental Care
     115.381 Medical and mental health screenings; history of sexual abuse
     115.382 Access to emergency medical and mental health services
     115.383 Ongoing medical and mental health care for sexual abuse victims and abusers

Data Collection and Review
     115.386 Sexual abuse incident reviews
     115.387 Data collection
     115.388 Data review for corrective action
     115.389 Data storage, publication, and destruction

     115.393 Audits of standards

Auditing and Corrective Action
     115.401 Frequency and scope of audits
     115.402 Auditor qualifications
     115.403 Audit contents and findings
     115.404 Audit corrective action plan
     115.405 Audit appeals

State Compliance
     115.501 State determination and certification of full compliance


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