Model Policy on Volunteer and Contractor Training

All volunteers and contractors who may have contact with residents of juvenile detention will receive training in PREA standards and responsibilities. Volunteers and contractors are trained in PREA standards in keeping with their level of contact with youth, and are trained in reporting sexual abuse. Volunteers and contractors are notified of the zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual abuse and harassment. At the conclusion of training, volunteers and contractors sign a document stating that they understand the information and have had opportunities to ask questions. [link to sample form]

The Oregon PREA training curriculum developed for juvenile detention employees may be adapted for volunteers and contractors.

Training for volunteers or contractors may vary depending on the level of contact with residents. Factors to be considered include: does unsupervised contact occur, is there conversation with residents, how frequent is contact likely to occur? Volunteers and contractors likely to have minimal or inadvertent contact with residents may be provided with basic written material and sign documentation showing that they have received notice of relevant policies and been provided an opportunity to ask questions.

PREA Standard 115.332
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