Officers & Committees

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2023

OJDDA Board of Directors

President Christina McMahan, Clackamas County
President-Elect Matt Wetherell, Benton County
Past President Molly Rogers, Wasco County
Treasurer Lacey DelaCruz
Legislative Committee Chair Torri Lynn, Linn County
Training Committee Chair Sonya Littledeer-Evans, Deschutes County
Metro Regional Chair Kyla Armstrong-Romero, Multnomah County
Northern Regional Chair Stacia Tyacke, Columbia County
Central/Eastern Regional Chair Digna Moreno, Umatilla County
Southern Regional Chair Wendy Lang, Curry County

Standing OJDDA Committee

2024 Conference Committee - Metro Region - Washington, Multnomah, Clackamas


2025 Conference Committee - Eastern Region

2026 Conference Committee - Northwest Region

2027 Conference Committee - Southern Region


Bi-Annual Nominating Committee
Matt Wetherall, Benton County
Digna Moreno, Umatilla County
Mandy Decker, Wallowa County

Judicial Delinquency Improvement Program
Large County - Troy Gregg (Marion)
Medium - Jim Goodwin (Josephine)
Small - Lacey DeLaCruz  (Jefferson County)

Governor Appointments

Governors Forecasting Committee
Torri Lynn, Linn County
Youth Development Council
Christina McMahan, Clackamas County

Sex Offense Treatment Board
Robbie Johnson, Hood River County


System of Care Advisory Council
Sonya Littledeer-Evans, Deschutes County

Judicial Appointments


Attorney General Appointments

Victim Rights Compliance Committees

Task Force -Wendy Lang - Curry County
Non-Compliance Response (Salem)

Trafficking Intervention Advisory Committee - Jim Goodwin - Josephine County

Juvenile Justice Information System

JJIS Steering Committee
(OJDDA selects 5 reps)

Chair: Christina McMahan, Clackamas County
Molly Rogers, Wasco County
James Goodwin
Joe Ferguson, Jackson County        

JJIS Policy & Standards Committee
Joe Ferguson, Jackson County

JJIS Data and Evaluation Committee
Christina McMahan, Clackamas County


Ad Hoc Committees & Workgroups

Oregon Youth Authority Partnership Committee
Molly Rogers, Wasco County

Detention Managers Liaison
Kyla Armstrong-Romero, Multnomah County
Children's System Advisory Committee
Torri Lynn, Linn County

DHS Child Welfare Advisory Group
James Goodwin

Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC)
Molly Rogers, Wasco County
Juvenile Code Revision Work Group
Christina McMahan, Clackamas County

Criminal Justice Information Systems Committee (CJIS)
Star Felty, Lane County
American Parole & Probation - Juvenile Committee

AOC Public Safety
Molly Rogers, Wasco County
Interstate Compact Council
Erika Frickey, Crook County