JCP Risk Assessment 2006.1

Content Update: December 2021

  • JJIS* and JCP** Risk Assessment HistoryOregon's JCP Risk Assessment 2006.1 includes an Initial Assessment, a Reassessment, and a Reassessment for Youth in JCP Prevention Program. The JCP Assessment 2006.1 was most recently updated in October 2010.

Oregon's Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS): A collaborative initiative of the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA), the 36 county juvenile departments, and other juvenile justice and public safety partners. Recognized as a national model, JJIS promises "one youth, one record." It offers a single source of information about a youth's contacts and confidential case records with the state's juvenile justice system, regardless of where in Oregon those contacts occurred. This includes contacts with local jurisdictions as well as with Oregon Youth Authority.

This integrated, statewide electronic information system was developed in the 1990s to support positive outcomes for youth offenders, 80 percent of whom are handled by county juvenile departments. JJIS replaced multiple information systems that had been managed by separate agencies, which had prevented Oregon jurisdictions from tracking offenders across agency lines or evaluating the effectiveness of various juvenile justice services.

Administered by OYA, JJIS eliminated duplicate data entry among agencies and established a statewide standard for recording juvenile corrections information by its nearly 4,000 users. Of these users, approximately 1,300 work with youth through OYA and county juvenile departments. The others are approved external partners - such as law enforcement and adult corrections agencies - which have limited access.

  • Senate Bill 1 -1995
  • Steering Committee Formed - 1997
  • Counties signing IGA's - 1997
  • JJIS Pilot sites - 1997-1998
  • JJIS Release 2.0 - 1999
  • All counties using JJIS by 2000

JCP Risk Assessment: An interdisciplinary work group with members from juvenile justice, education, research, academia, and youth treatment services came together starting in 1997 to plan for and design an assessment too to identify youth at risk for re-referral. The first version of the tool was released in late 1999. The first validation of the tool occurred in 2001 with subsequent revisions implemented in 2002. A second validation occurred in 2005 with subsequent revisions implemented in 2006. The 2006 version of the tool underwent additional revisions in 2008 and again in 2010. The most recent validation (2011) tests previously unscored items, utilizes some different analytical techniques, and analyses the characteristics of the re-assessment component of the tool.

  • JCP Risk Assessment revision 2006.1 released 2006
  • JCP Risk Assessment Implemented in JJIS 2001
  • JCP Risk Assessment validated 2001, 2002, 2008, 2010, 2011
  • JCP Risk Assessment Automated in JJIS 2006

* JJIS - Juvenile Justice Information System (A statewide data system of juvenile offenders and a case management tool.) JJIS Brief (pdf)

** JCP - Juvenile Crime Prevention, (JCP Risk Assessment Tool)