Model Policy on Sexual Abuse Incident Reviews and Data Collection, Storage, and Distribution

The (agency) policy requires administrative and supervisory staff to review all incidents and allegations of sexual abuse. In addition, a detailed incident review is required for any sexual abuse incident at the facility, unless the allegation is unfounded. The review includes management, the PREA Compliance Manager, mental health, medical, and line staff. The review considers the following:

The review team will prepare a report of findings and recommendations to the detention manager and agency director. The facility will implement the recommendations or document reasons for not doing so.

The (agency) collects information on each report of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in a uniform, standardized way, and aggregates and analyzes this data at least annually. The facility collects all necessary information to complete the Bureau of Justice Statistics Survey on Sexual Violence from multiple sources, including reports, investigation files, and incident reviews. A standardized form designed for use by Oregon juvenile detention centers is used to collect and aggregate data. Although some of the same information may be incorporated into the PREA feature in the Oregon Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS), the agency maintains the form and data independently. Information in JJIS is automatically protected and restricted to ensure that only individuals with designated permission are able to access the records.

This information is used to assess the effectiveness of the facility’s sexual abuse prevention, detection, and response, as well as to assess any problem areas. The facility will take corrective action based on the problem areas, and report both findings and corrective actions.

An annual report will compare the year’s data with the previous year’s data, and will be made available to the public at least annually on the websites of the agency and the Oregon Juvenile Department Directors' Association. Upon request, the facility provides all relevant data from the previous calendar year to the United States Department of Justice no later than June 30th.

The facility will securely maintain data for a period of ten years after the reports have been made public. All identifying information will be removed from the data before it is stored and protected. After ten years, the data may be destroyed.


PREA Data Form (PDF)
Aggregated Sexual Abuse Data Annual Report (PDF)
PREA Data Reporting Protocols (PDF)
Training Video on PREA Data Forms (MP4 video)

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