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PLEASE NOTE:  Effective January 16, 2019, a cancellation fee of $25 will be assessed for any cancellations made less than 10 days before the training start date.


2019 Training Calendar


Custody (Detention) Worker Training

Date: January 14-18, 2019                 Location: Medford, OR

Trainers: Dan Carr, Detention Managers

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Community Supervision of High Risk Adolescent Sex Offenders and The Juvenile Sexual Offender Assessment Protocol (JSOAP II)

Date: March 21-22, 2019       Location: Bend, OR 

Trainers: Rich Robison, John Lynch

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Detention (Custody) Worker Training

Date: April 1 - 5, 2019                 Location: McMinnville, OR.

Start time:  12:00 noon on April 1     End Time: 12:00 noon on April 5

Trainers: Detention Managers

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Effective Practices in Community Supervision (EPICS)

Date: April 2-4, 2019           Location: Redmond, OR

 Trainers: Sonya Littledeer-Evans, Debbie Martin, Rachael Mark, Tammy O'Connor

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Cross Cultural Communication, Equity and Inclusion

Date: May 22-23, 2019           Location: Gleneden Beach, OR

Trainers: Sonya Littledeer-Evans, Rachael Holley

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Fundamental Skills for Juvenile Workers

Date: August 12-15, 2019                    Location: Welches, OR

Trainers:  Rich Robison, John Lynch, Heather Phillips, Rachel Mark, Mandy Decker

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Date: September 15-17, 2019    

Location: Seven Feathers 


Detention (Custody) Worker Training

Date: October 7-11, 2019                 Location: Bend, OR.

Trainers: Detention Managers

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Courtroom Training

Date: October 16, 2019                Location: Salem, OR

Trainers: Rich Robison, John Lynch  

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Self Care and Ethics

Date: November 14, 2019                Location:  Depoe Bay, Oregon

Trainers: Rich Robison, Heather Phillips

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2018 Conference Materials

2018 Conference Brochure

Speaker Handouts & Presentations - See Below

Transformative Mentoring

Supporting Peers through Personal & Professional Traumatic Events

Lions & Tigers and Flowers Oh My!

Family Based Contingency Management

Practical Strategies for Implementation in Juvenile Justice

Transforming Systems through Parent Partnership

JCP Assessment Training

Gender Responsive Support Groups


2018 Training Costs



For further information or inquiries, please contact OJDDA at: training@ojdda.org.

Fundamental Skills for Juvenile Workers:

This 32-hour introductory course is designed for Juvenile Justice probation workers/court counselors who are in their first year of employment.  The topics are designed to give participants a general overview of the basic skills utilized in the day-to-day operations of Juvenile Justice. The presentations will provide an opportunity for learning through lecture, discussion, and demonstration, following evidence-based best practices and cultural awareness.  This course is also an opportunity to network with other probation workers/court counselors from around the state.

            Community Supervision of High Risk Adolescent Sex Offenders - JSOAP

Field Safety for Juvenile Probation Staff & Professional Self-Care

Effective Practices in Community Supervision Training

Cross Cultural Communication, Equity and Inclusion

Detention Worker Training

Certification form that will need to be filled out by a director or supervisor from the county requesting certification.  Once completed, send the form to training@ojdda.org.

Training Committee 

Chair: Sonya Littledeer-Evans, Deschutes County
Joe Ferguson, Jackson County
Stacia Tyacke, Columbia County
Mandy Decker, Wallowa County
Debbie Martin, OYA

Training Faculty - - Email All Trainers at trainers@ojdda.org           

Julie Bitz, Clackamas Co.                                                                 
Rich Robison, Polk Co.                         
Mike Miller, Marion Co.                        
John Lynch, Yamhill Co.                       
Heather Phillips, Lincoln Co.                
Craig Bachman, Multnomah Co.                                                 
Mandy Decker, Wallowa Co.           
Scott Paasch, Yamhill Co.
Dan Carr, Douglas Co.
Sonya Littledeer-Evans, Deschutes Co.
Jean Nicholas, Jackson Co.
Debbie Martin, OYA
Rachael Holley, Washington Co.

Email Your Training Questions to training@ojdda.org

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